House Repairs


  1. Salaried individual in permanent employment.
  2. Professional and self employed person, businessman.
  3. Margin:

    Maximum of 25% of Estimate of House repair

    Loan Amount taking into consideration the repaying capacity of the aplicant

 Rate Of Interest On House Repair Loans w.e.f. 16.11.2011


  1. Salaried Max 7 Years: 14.50%
  2. Non-Salaried Max 5 Years: 15.50%
  3. Govt. Servant/Salaried
    • Direct Deduction From Salary: 13.00%
    • Against PDC/ECS Mandate: 13.50%

(Maximum Rs. 5.00 lakhs) (maximum 7 years)

Repayment Period:

Maximum 7 years


Two Guarantors.

Additional security on case basis

 Documents Required:

  1. Proof of Residence and photographs.
  2. Salary Certificate of Applicant and sureties with photographs.
  3. Latest Audited Statement of Account/Income Tax Return
  4. Estimate of House repair
  5. Proof of Ownership of House

Please contact our nearest Branch for detail information and requirement.